Geneva Bus offers low cost transfer from Geneva airport (GVA) as well as private bus transfers to all ski resorts in Switzerland and France.

Terms and Conditions

The following general Terms & Conditions apply to all passengers booking with the Genevabus Sarl Company.

1. Transport of children

You must be at least 16 years old to buy tickets and services on this website.

The customer is required to specify whether the transport is being organized for minors. If that is the case, special rules apply. It will be necessary to mention them at the time of booking. The customer must properly supervise the group of children, and there must be enough adults to comply with children transport regulations. Accompanying adults are required to adhere to accepted standards of good behavior and care for the equipment.

No discount is offered for children.

2. Order Confirmation – Balance - Deposit

If the quote is accepted, the customer must inform the sales department in writing (mail). The customer will then receive an order confirmation.

Deposit: minimum 10% after reception of our confirmation directly on our company account. Remaining amount 10 days prior to service begin at the latest. This method is then specified in the contract document with bank details of our company.

The full payment will be required for last minute bookings.

The balance is to be paid before the departure. The fare must be ready upon boarding.

Cash on the day must be paid in the correct currency (Euro or CHF denomination) stated on your Voucher (prepaid ticket).

3. Payment Policy

Payment can be made in three set ways with Genevabus SARL:

1) Cash on the day must be paid in the correct currency stated on your E ticket (Euro or CHF denomination). You must pay one leg at a time. You can ask for a receipt by emailing and stating your booking reference number to

2) Credit card via secure link. With this option you will be getting an email with a secure payment link. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard and Amex and there will be a 4% surcharge added to this method. Your receipt will be sent via email.

3) Bank transfer to our company account. If you select this option please send us an email so that we can forward our company bank details to you. Bank transfers should indicate "without charge to payee". If we do not receive the full amount, the difference is payable on site.

We will not accept this method if you are travelling less than 5 working days in advance. After reservation you will receive our proforma-invoice. Please note, that bookings can only be operated if payment has been credited to our account before departure.

4. Cancellation / Refund

Any cancellation must be sent to us in writing to

Transfer: Cancellations made at least 3 days (72h) before the date of your transfer, will be refunded in full.

No refund will be issued if the customer cancels with less than 3 days' notice (72 hours).

Trips: Cancellations made at least 7 days before the date of travel, will be refunded in full (deposit or full payment) No refund will be issued if the customer cancels with less than 7 days' notice.

Any coach booking must be cancelled in writing at least 7days’ before the date of travel.

5. Special Requests

Any amendment requests must be noticed at the time of booking or sent to us in writing. Whilst we will try to assist, we cannot guarantee that any requests for amendments will be met. Charges may apply. In situations where there is a supplement to be paid for a booking amendment, the requested changes will only be confirmed once the additional payment is received. At this point you will be issued with a new booking confirmation by email.

Should you wish to change any information details (flight number, flight timings, address, mobile number, arrival or departure dates, resort, passenger numbers, vehicle size details etc. please do this by emailing to Charges may apply.

6. Ticket / Voucher

The valid booking confirmation serves as the ticket for your journey and you must present it to the driver before boarding. You must print your Voucher (confirmation email), which serves as a ticket. You must keep the ticket with you for the duration of the trip. It is your responsibility to check the details of your booking on the Voucher (confirmation email) prior to travel and inform us if there are any errors. We cannot be held responsible if the details entered at the time of placing your request are incorrect.

If someone else made the booking on your behalf, you agree that such person acted as your agent. Customers are entitled to cancel the ticket/Voucher by email. Cancellations must be made at least 7 days before the time of travel. In the event of a cancellation by the customer, Genevabus, at its absolute discretion, may refund a proportion of the money subject to a deduction of bank, and administrative charges. The client will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

7. Transported baggage

Since the boot space is not expandable, the carrier cannot be requested to accommodate excess baggage carried by customers. The customer must remain reasonable in the number and volume of luggage carried. For security reasons, it is strictly forbidden to carry the following products: compressed gases including defensive bombs, aerosols, butane gas, explosives, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing, irritating or toxic products, as well as alcohol in illegal quantities. The luggage carried will be the subject of our utmost care but remains the sole responsibility of the traveler, who must, at the time of each luggage handling, be aware of the situation of the luggage. The carrier does not accept any responsibility for parcels, hand luggage, cameras, camcorders or any other type of property left in the bus whether the latter is under the driver’s supervision or not.

6.a. recommends that for their personal belongings, especially if it is valuable property, travelers should take out travel or private insurance with a reputable insurer to cover against all loss or damage and guarantee a refund of the price of the new item.

6.b. Items that should never be put in the boot include cash, check books, bearer securities or money orders, passports, driving licenses, certificates and jewelry as well as portable electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, laptops and tablets.

6.c. Note that cannot be held liable for the loss of any of these items in case of negligence on your part.

8. Items forgotten in the bus

At the end of each trip, the group leader or customers are required individually to verify that they have not forgotten anything on the bus. If a customer nevertheless believes s/he has forgotten something in the bus, said customer has 24 hours to come forth and provide sufficiently precise information about the item to look for it. The management of found objects is not easy, and a lost object is not always found. The expenses incurred in shipping a found item are at the customer's expense.

9. Damage on board

Transported persons who perform malicious or deliberate acts that lead to a deterioration of the vehicle will be charged for any resulting repairs. Most of the time it is the seats, cup holders, headrests, armrests, emergency hammers, curtains, etc. that are damaged. The group leader is fully responsible.

10. Alcohol and cigarettes

It is not allowed to drink alcohol aboard our vehicles. We reserve the right to refuse a person under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances. In that event, no refund will be made.

For the comfort of all, smoking is strictly forbidden for the driver and the passengers in the buses.

11. Animals

We are sorry not to be able to accept our animal friends on board our buses.

12. Seat belts must be fastened

The wearing of seat belts is compulsory in coaches and buses since July 2003. This holds for coaches and buses that have seat belts. In the event of control by the police, the driver cannot be held responsible if a customer has not accepted to fasten his/her seat belt. The client then runs the risk of being fined by the police.

13. Mobile phone of the driver

All drivers are equipped with the mobile phone given by the company. These phones are not available to customers.

14. Insurance

The carrier has taken out all the insurance policies required by laws and regulations. All legal obligations to third parties, including damage to property and personal injury are covered.

We recommend that you insure your luggage, especially if you are carrying valuable items, with a reputable insurer against all normal and usual risks of loss or damage and for the total value of the luggage, with no deductible.

15. Delays and Cancelled flights

Cancelled Flights: In the event of a flight being cancelled, the customer is deemed to have missed their transfer. If an alternative flight is arranged, then the customer would need to make a new booking for a transfer at full cost, subject to availability of transfers. Genevabus will provide a statement for the customer, stating that they were unable to travel on the original booking, which may be used to make a claim on their travel insurance.

In situations where the customer informs Genevabus of the flight cancellation before the scheduled flight arrival time and it is possible for us to offer an alternative transfer option for the customer, we will try to do so. There may be an additional cost associated with providing this new service or, the alternative transfer offered may not be the same as what was originally booked. Any other journeys on the same booking are unaffected and are still valid as originally booked.

Delayed Flights: We request that you notify us by telephone, to the number on your booking confirmation, as soon as you become aware of any incoming flight delays greater than one hour (one hour delay free of charge : minibus <13pax 1h = 50chf / minibus >13pax 1h= 80chf).

Whilst Genevabus will strive to ensure that its services run according to schedule, it cannot be held liable for changes to or cancellations of transfers due to events beyond its control. Examples include changes caused by wars, war treaties, riots, labour disputes, civil wars, strikes, industrial actions, terrorist activity, natural disasters, fire, technical problems in transportation, airport closures, road closures, weather, snow storms, avalanches or other similar events beyond our control. Similarly, Genevabus cannot be held liable for additional costs related to a reservation or theft or loss of luggage resulting from said events. The responsibility of Genevabus in any of these events is strictly limited to a partial refund of transfer costs.

If you do not wish to wait for a vehicle to become available and you decide to make your own alternative travel arrangements we will not refund the money paid for your original transfer or contribute towards any alternative travel costs you incur.

The customer is strongly recommended to have holiday insurance. In the case that previously mentioned reasons for transfer delays occur – causing missed flights and other such costly events – Genevabus will not be held liable for the cost of any of this.

16. Refusal to transport

Genevabus has the right to refuse the carriage of any customer, or has the right to expel any customer for the following reasons:

Government or regulatory request - Whenever such action is necessary to comply with any government regulation, safety directive or a government request for emergency transportation in connection with national defence.

Safety - Whenever the refusal or expulsion of a customer may be required for the safety of said client or other clients or drivers, including but not limited to:

People whose behavior is disorderly, offensive, abusive or violent;

People who do not respect the driver or interfere with his/her functions;

People who wear or carry on them or near them, deadly or dangerous weapons, whether concealed or not;

People with a communicable disease or known infection, or reasonably considered by Genevabus as posing a direct threat to the health or safety of others.